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The Open Forum

The free entry discussion platform for all aspects of field mycology. The forum is implemented as a Facebook Group.


The forum is an important feature of the Trust's on-line presence. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for Trust members and visitors to post about any aspect of fungi and field mycology that they choose. Will all users, however, keep in mind that naming species from posted photographs is invariably risky and regrettably material identified in this way cannot be included in datasets unless it has also been determined through proper examination of voucher material.


Registration consists of applying to join the Trust's Facebook group from your normal Facebook account. You will be asked to answer a couple of vetting questions about your connection to the Trust and your specific interests in fungi. Your application to join will be processed by a moderator. Once joined, you can post and comment as with any other Facebook group.


All material posted to the forum group, including images, is subject to copyright regulation. No material may be copied, published or otherwise distributed unless strictly for personal, non-commercial and non-broadcast use, or for incorporation into the in-house Forayer, fully credited to the author.

The Rules:

  • There are few restrictions on the use of the forum and only some simple rules to follow:
  • Postings may not contain illegal content nor include profanity, swearing or obscenity.
  • Postings may not be used for advertising purposes nor to deliver spam. This includes use for 'fly posting' of commercial events.
  • Postings may not reveal personal information about the poster, or others, other than name, which must be their normal name.
  • Postings may discuss politics so long as the discussion is directly relevant to field mycology and/or mycological conservation.
  • Text must be your own and not subject to third party copyright unless written permission has first been granted by the third party.
  • Images must be your own and not subject to third party copyright unless written permission has first been granted by the third party.

Please bear in mind that the group page is "public" - anyone with a Facebook account can see the group, who is in it, and all the posts.

Posts which are found to include derogatory or insulting material, whether overt or by innuendo, and which are submitted for the purpose of commercial gain, personal criticism or vilification, whether of another user or a third party that is not a user, will be deleted and the originator removed from the group. If you feel that any posting falls into this category please contact the forum moderators. The decision of the moderators shall be final!

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