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Red Data conservation assessment of selected genera of fungi,

based on national and local database records, fruit body

morphology, and microscopic anatomy

Conforming to:
the Guidelines for using IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria,
Version 11 (February 2014)
and IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria, Version 3.1. Second Edition

Project manager: Michael Jordan, Global & Regional IUCN Red List Assessor

Copyright: The Fungus Conservation Trust 2015-2018
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Please Note: these are abridged forms of the printed hard copies of the Red Data assessments. Hard copies are available to recorders, record centres and conservation bodies, on request.


Red List 1 (2015): Bankera, Battarrea, Boletopsis, Bovista, Cantharellus, Craterellus, Dentipellis, Geastrum, Hericium, Hydnellum, Laxitextum, Lycoperdon, Myriostoma, Sphaerobolus, Phellodon, Piptoporus, Pseudocraterellus, Sarcodon and Tulostoma.


Red List 2 (2016): Agaricus, Clitocybe, Clitopilus, Cystolepiota, Hygrophorus, Leucoagaricus, Leucocoprinus, Lyophyllum, Melanoleuca, Pholiota and Pluteus.


Red List 3 (2016): Amanita, Armillaria, Chlorophyllum, Cystoderma, Echinoderma, Gymnopilus, Hohenbuehelia, Lepiota, Lepista, Leratiomyces, Phaeolepiota, Pleurocybella, Pleurotus, Resupinatus, Rugosomyces, Simocybe, Squamanita, Stropharia, Tricholoma and Volvariella.


Red List 4 (2017): Delicatula, Hemimycena, Inocybe, Marasmius, Mycena and Russula.


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