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The Fungus Conservation Trust, the National Trust, Natural England, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and other bodies are working together to bring fungi to all ages of people as the key to future conservation of species, many of which may face decline and possible extinction unless we do much more to monitor and protect them.  By joining the Trust you have several options about how you develop your interest in fungi. We will encourage you to go hunting on your own or as a family if that is what you decide, but you may also like to be put in touch with the Trust foray group or groups nearest to where you live. Generally this is the preferred option because you will be meeting up with like-minded people and, most importantly, you will also be going out with foray leaders who really know their fungi! It's always the best way to gain a real understanding of what's what in the world of fungi..

As soon as you join you receive an annual membership card. Membership entitles you to a range of services starting with the quarterly, full colour Trust magazine, The Forayer. This publication appears in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter issues and is very much geared as a hands-on, practical tool to help you get on the learning curve, or to advance an already acquired knowledge.   We also now offer an Associate membership at reduced cost, which includes the Forayer magazine, access to identification services, the online Forum, CDs and DVDs, but does not include voting rights, insurance, or access to chemicals.

The magazine and Public Liability insurance protection are provided as benefits to all full members, who can also take advantage of a list of other member-exclusive products. These include a range of stains and reagents for use both in the field and at home as aids to indentification (see the restrictions), illuminated hand lenses, reference CDs, learning DVDs (currently in production) and other items that are advertised from time to time in The Forayer. One of the most valued free services to members is that of specimen identification. You also have access to the CATE2 national database of fungus records.

For fuller details of all these items, return to the Home Page and click on the appropriate pages.

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