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Local Groups

The Fungus Conservation Trust is made up of individual members, some of whom join groups that are part of the Trust's 'pool' and others prefer to foray independently. The Trust is for anyone who wants to discover and enjoy mushrooms and toadstools, whether their interest is in natural history, painting, photographing, modelling, sampling for the table, or just having a fascinating day out with the family in the countryside. Trust member groups exists for a number of reasons but one of them is to encourage new interest in a friendly and informal way.

Each Fungus Conservation Trust group operates independently for the benefit of its members. The Trust is here to serve on behalf of local groups, not the other way around. Each group has its own way of working but most carry out regular forays through the season with those who have greater experience helping those that are starting out on the learning curve. If, as a new member, you find that a group is not giving you the necessary help and encouragement, then it is not doing its job adequately.

The more serious side of group activity lies in monitoring fungus stocks within its local area. It does this through its regular forays. Local group members collect representative specimens of each species they find and these are identified (determined) either during the foray or afterwards by the group recorder. These records are then held by the group and copied to the CATE2 national repository of fungus data.


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