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Reference CDs and videos

The Trust's Phonetics and Meanings Dictionary is available on CD and includes English meanings for almost all the genus and species names in Latin that you may come across. The same screen also gives the correct phonetic pronunciation for the words in Common English Latin. The CD runs in Microsoft Excel.

The British Checklist and Synonym Dictionary are now available to members of the public on the CATE2 website.    Collectively they provide an indispensible reference source to the names of many thousands of fungi. All species currently included in the British Checklist are detailed.

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting it was agreed that the Trust (as the FCT) should invest in the necessary equipment with which to develop a range of training videos.   This equipment has now been purchased and is being put to use.   The first three of these videos have been produced and start to provide a library of programmes ranging from basic introductions to the various major groups of fungi, and extending to technques in microscopy, recording, and other aspects of field mycology. Each video runs for approx 30 mins and is playable on PC, Mac or a domestic DVD player.

The first 3 in the series include:

Introducing the Basics £11.50

Crusts and Brackets £12.50

Fungi with Spines £12.50


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