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Database Help and Search Options

The full CATE2 User Manual is accessible by clicking here. The following page includes a brief summary only.

You can also go directly to the CATE2 database via the URL:

Members of the public can obtain extensive access, including searches of the British Fungus Checklist and Synonyms lists.   However some sensitive fields are excluded.   In order to access the full database, including all detailed grid references and placenames, you will need a username and password.   If you wish to register for the first time, please contact Michael Jordan.  Note that registered access is conditional and limited to approved end users and recorders.

The FCT does not subscribe to 'Creative Commons' licensing, which we feel runs contrary to the wider conservation interest.  So if you have not already done so, you will be requested to sign a Standard Disclosure Agreement before gaining registered access.

Searches of the CATE2 Database

The way to conduct a search for specific data on CATE2 is by accessing the Filters in the centre of the top toolbar of the main dataset and completing one or more of the boxes as appropriate. You can generally do this by simply inserting a word or words. But when a dropdown appears you will need to left click on the dropdown to confirm your search requirement.

There are various options according to the type of information you wish to extract.

CATE Species Records will generate precise filters based on which ever criteria you choose, from species names, to places, to recorders. By clicking on column heading you can change priorities.

CATE Species Totals will generate overall analyses. So, for example, you can enter a Vice County or a Place (subject to login access) and access a range of summary totals. By activating the popups you will also be able to access the details of those summaries.

CATE Species Mapping is now state-of-the-art and is perhaps the best wildlife mapping system available in the UK. If the grid co-ordinates are sufficient and a user has registered access, it is possible to focus down with a resolution of 10 metres any where in the British Isles, excluding Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Recording Online

This is the most significant advance of CATE2. Today, online recording is quick, easy and accurate in ways that have not been possible hitherto. The module is readily accessible to all users with broadband connectivity. There is no reliance on older Excel or Access-based systems including Mycorec, Recorder and Mapmate. Your records are entered efficiently with very limited keyboard use, and are quite safe.

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