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Reference Sources

The Phonetics and Meanings Dictionary is available on CD and includes English meanings for almost all the genus and species names in Latin that you may come across. The same screen also gives the correct phonetic pronunciation for the words in Common English Latin.   The CD runs in MS Excel.

The CATE2 database now includes the full British Checklist of fungus species, and their synonyms.    Members of the public can access these lists, and discover the current approved name for any fungus or lichen found in the British Isles.   Just select the CATE2 database button on the Left side of this page, and enter the Public Access and towards the top right of the next page select either Species Names or Synonyms.    If you don not know a current approved name, simply go to Synonyms and enter the name you are familiar with in the Synonym Filters box.

The Trust now offers a range of mycological accessories to its members at discounted prices. These include the LED illuminated hand lens that has proved so popular since it was introduced in 2004.

With x10 magnification the instrument offers a major advantage over conventional hand lenses because it projects a powerful beam of white illumination directly onto the subject of inspection. In a gloomy woodland on a dull autumn day this can make a tremendous difference to what can or cannot be seen.

Please note: the Fungus Conservation Trust is not a trading company and supplies are therefore restricted to members of the Trust as exclusive membership benefits. To join or find more details please return to the Home page.

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